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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Work and Play

The kids out washing windows. More accurately, Madison out washing the windows the other two out playing! This is Madison's favorite job. She acts like it is a treat to be given this task! I don't mind a bit! :-) We have had a lot of company lately so have been on our toes keeping up with the house :-) It has been a bit lonely without guests and unfortunately I have started slacking on the house! In the past 5 1/2 weeks we have had 4 weeks of company :-) It has been awesome! We had our friends, the Strege's, from MN first, then my sister Bekah and her family from ND. She left two of her girls to stay with us for a couple weeks and then my mom came to visit and take them home. Lastly, we had my sister Nicole and her family. We love having company, especially here because there is so much to do! Hopefully we will have more soon :-)

All work and no play would be no fun so off we go to the park. These pictures were taken last month when there was still snow. We have had no snow for most of April but did have a couple days of it. Thankfully it melts quickly :-) We have had beautiful weather lately, especially the last couple days - high 70s. I love it - we have been out enjoying hikes and walks every day. I will post them soon so you can enjoy the beauty with us!


Karmen said...

Man I wish I was there! hiking and anything outdoors is quickly becoming my new favorite thing, it's just difficult to do around here without my license to drive to the badlands!

Greta Marie said...

Wow! I never knew anyone could enjoy washing windows! :) Remember all the streaks I made when I attempted cleaning windows at the apartment? ha! Good job Madison!

Coriander said...

Good job Madison! Boy, she is getting so tall! Really growing up!