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Thursday, April 9, 2009

All Aboard!

One Sunday after church, Matt, Donna and I took the kids to a miniature train display at the library. Brock was on a snowmobile trip in ID so I was happy to have the company - and so were the kids! The trains were set up in a big square displaying different areas of the US - Mt. Rushmore, farms, cities, towns, prairies, mountains, underwater world etc. It was very cool. They had all different styles of trains too, passenger, freight, old steam engines and so on. It was fun to see all the different ones.
The kids had fun spotting all the different things they have seen when traveling like the big windmill (they have seen many times on our way through ND), the grain elevators (like we had in MN), "the faces in the rock" as Madison calls it (they haven't seen that yet), the beautiful mountains (they get to see them every day) and many more landmarks.

After the trains we enjoyed some time at the library. Unfortunately while there Hannah fell and hit her head. I brought her in her stroller but let her out once we were inside the children's area. The kids needed to go to the bathroom so we all headed in. While I was helping Isaac wash his hands she crawled back into her stroller and stood in the seat facing backwards. It crashed backwards and she fell face first onto the hard tile. She cried so hard and between her eyes was swelling right way. It scared me, I totally expected a cut and lots of blood but there wasn't. Madison went and found Donna and she got snow to put on it. Hannah did great keeping it on her head and didn't have much of a bump or bruise when it was all over. Whew!! Lesson learned for Hannah. . . . and me!

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Coriander said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great display! Too bad about Hannah!