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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Early Morning Hike

Last month Madison and Brock got up early one Saturday morning and hiked up to the "M". It is a very steep hike that is just under a mile. At the top is an amazing view and a 250-foot "M" made by MSU students in 1915 out of whitewashed rock. Madison did this hike in the fall with her grandma and was anxious to show Brock. I can't wait to experience the beauty for myself. However, for the time being I will have to live vicariously through Brock and Madison :-)

A couple months ago we went on a hike near the "M" so I took this picture of it. There are two trails, one that weaves through the trees on the left (can't really see it) and one that goes down the right side (kind of along the ridge that you see). They took the steeper one down and said it was really icy and slick, but still fun.

Madison is an awesome little hiker. She trucks right along and rarely gets tired. We are stopping for breaks much more often than she is :-)

Samson went also. He doesn't look real comfortable standing there on the edge :-)
It was so great for the two of them to get out together and do something fun. We know this will become even more important as she gets older so Brock is happily making it a habit now :-)


Karmen said...

That's so cool they do that together! Madison is very lucky :) The view looks beautiful. I can't wait to come there and hike as well!

Greta Marie said...

That's a very cool father/daughter experience if you ask me. I can't wait for Madison to take me on a hike!