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Monday, November 2, 2009

Other October Happenings

Madison had her last lesson of the year on Barney. She spent the last couple months learning how to ride English and has improved A LOT. She can't wait to start lessons again.

Homeschooling is in full swing. This year we are doing Sonlight again and her history focus for the year is World History. She read about different clothing customs and had to make some for herself (and Isaac of course). She is wearing a sari and Isaac a turban :-) She always wants to make it more realistic so she found a bowl to carry on her head :-) Yikes, that would take some work to balance that big bowl!

Hannah is fully potty trained (through the night and all - YEAH!) She has been doing great all month and I am happy to see the end of diapers!!

Isaac is anxious to learn how to read so is busy doing "school" also. He thinks life will improve greatly if he could only read :-) It will be a lot more fun, that is for sure! He is busy as ever and has lots of energy to burn - but that is nothing new :-)


The Chapters In Our Life said...

I love to hear about your homeschooling! What a dedicated mommy you are . . . Congrats on the potty training! UGH, diapers :)!

Karmen said...

The scenery in the last picture is so amazing! Hearing about you and Cori doing Sonlight is making me wish I was back in grade school - the projects and studies they do sound so fun!