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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cake and Presents

Having back to back birthdays can be both hard and easy. It is hard to know what to combine and what not to, hard to make it extra special for one yet be understanding of the thrill the other is facing at his "almost birthday" On the other hand it is easy to be in "celebration mode" and make it special for both. In all ways (except presents) it is like having a birthday for 2 days! Therefore, they have never complained about birthdays together. This year the kids shared a cake one of the days and had ice cream and chocolate sauce the other day. Also, they chose together a place to go out to eat for one of the birthdays (they chose IHOP) and agreed on a favorite meal at home for the other. To my surprise they agreed on Clam Spaghetti :-) I was expecting pizza, mac and cheese, pancakes or something like that but not Clam Spaghetti. Brock and I were happy though - YUM!!
Madison got to open one present in the morning and the rest in the evening.

It is so cute to see how happy they both are for eachother about their gifts. Look at Isaac - he looks as thrilled as Madison about her Playmobil farm set.
Madison also loved her American girl paper dolls (which I had found at the thrift store - complete and in perfect condition! YEAH!!) Birthday Day 2 - Isaac's turn for presents :-)
He was very surprised and happy to get a playmobil pirate set. As you can see, Madison is shocked too. The kids both saw these at Costco and loved them. Once Madison got it for her present we tried to throw Isaac off so he wouldn't suspect he was getting it also. I guess we were successful :-)
At Grandma and Grandpa's
Isaac loves flying around on his scooter and Madison loves her Felicity mini American girl doll and books
Now until May we get a kids birthday break :-)


Liam Shannon said...

Madison looks so so so much like you amber

Greta Marie said...

I love their expressive faces:)