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Friday, November 6, 2009

Becoming a Man

Isaac loves pirates and recently got a pirate ship for his birthday with pirates and soldiers ("the good guys") When he plays with them he says they are just "guys pretending to be pirates, not real ones". His concern over "real pirates" became clear after a conversation he had with Brock. He asked him if there are any good pirates. Brock said he didn't think so. Isaac thought about it for a second and then said, "Maybe if they knew the Lord?" Brock had to gently burst his bubble and let him know that if a pirate "knew the Lord" he would live a different life - one more pleasing to the Lord :-)

What a funny boy he is!
He has been helping Brock a lot lately in the garage getting projects done. One day I called him in for nap and he was quite distraught and pleaded, "but mom, dad NEEDS me!" A little boy getting some "Man" training is so adorable!!!

One more funny thing Isaac said. :-) Yesterday he told me he was saving his money for a house. I asked him why beings we already had a house. He said for when he was bigger like daddy and had a wife and kids. :-) Oh my, I am NOT READY to hand him over to another lady :-) Thankfully, despite what Isaac thinks, I still have lots of time with my boy!


The Chapters In Our Life said...

So darn cute!

Greta Marie said...

I just had a Lindberg catch up and it was sure fun! :) I just love reading all the stories and was should send them in to Above Rubies! They'd love 'em!