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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Theology 101 . . .

. . . . from a 9 year old girl (yes the dog is also 9 years old but Cody didn't have much to say on the subject)

We were all heading somewhere in the truck and Madison did something that hurt Isaac's feelings. He said (or actually yelled), "Madison, you are not pleasing my heart!" It took me a bit to respond because I was trying not to laugh! Where in the world did he hear something like that!!! When I had Madison alone I talked to her about it and asked her how she felt about doing things that hurt Isaac, and especially his heart? She said, "But mom, we aren't supposed to please our hearts, our hearts are wicked!" then she proceeded to recite her Awana verse: "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it" Jeremiah 17:9. Now what could I say - she was right! We do not want to follow our hearts or "please" our hearts. We will be led astray very quickly. However, I knew that isn't what Isaac meant so she didn't get off the hook that easy :-)

We are very proud of her for memorizing verses and USING them in her life to decipher between doing as God commands and doing as WE "command"


The Chapters In Our Life said...

Wow! What an insightful girl you have!! It is so exciting to hear the verses that the kiddos learn at Awana. I can't wait to see Cayel grow and mature and watch him use the Bible verses that he has memorized in his life the same way Madison has. You have one special girl!!

Karmen said...

Oh wow, that is great! What a smart girl. It's awesome to see a young girl already memorizing and applying scripture. That is also very funny that Isaac said that!