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Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday + Birthday = TONS of FUN

Madison and Isaac celebrated back to back birthdays this past month so we had a fun day at the Children's Museum.
The "fix it" station kept them consumed. They were pretty proud of themselves for getting their things back together. They also each made a picture frame covered with colorful leaves.

Hannah dressing up and focusing on make some rubbings of different plants and insects
More dressing up - yes, even I got into the fun! It was a celebration after all - how can you celebrate without joining in :-) Isaac was not fond of his costume that I picked out for him - I couldn't even get him to smile (which is pretty rare!) Hannah, on the other hand, enjoyed changing her look :-)

Seeing Madison with curly hair cracks me up today as much as it did the day we were there. She DID NOT want to wear this wig but was a great sport and even smiled for the picture :-)

The Bubble Wall is always a hit

Hannah really liked the big bunny and the cute little frog puppet!

The favorite of the day . . . . . The Vet Clinic! How cute are they, each taking care of their animals!


The Chapters In Our Life said...

Looks like fun! I think you look great in the blonde wig, personally :).

bailey said...

wow that would be fun i went to one of those museum on a field trip and the bubble blowing thing you could step inside of.ya i like you with blond curly hair to you totally fit that look

Ashley said...

That looks so fun! I should check it out and see if there is anything like that around here! :)

Liam Shannon said...

how fun! I want to do that and I'm all grown up!

bekahe said...

haha I am dying of laughter at Madison's curly hair. Violet can't figure it out haha. And you look hilarious! That's it, I need to visit!