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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Dream Bath

The kids love to take a bath in our tub (our hot tub as they call it) :-) So . . . the other night I put them all in the bath and washed each of their hair. The shampoo bottle was empty so I let them play with it in the water. They turned the jets on and some bubbles started coming. Madison was accusing Isaac of "hogging" the bubbles shortly before I left. We never put bubbles in their bath so they were pretty excited about the few little bubbles that were showing up. I commented to Brock that the jets were making some bubbles in the bath and that the kids were thrilled. When Brock headed up to get them out of the bath he was shocked when he opened the door! He knew I said they had some bubbles but never expected this!!!

He called me up and said to bring the camera. I figured they were doing something cute but never expected to see what I saw! I don't know how an empty shampoo bottle could produce so many bubbles!! They were so thick! We don't put much water in the tub so you can see how big of a layer there is!! I am so glad Hannah never slipped under - she may have been hard to find!!

Well, there was definately no bubble "hogging" now :-) They sure thought it was fun (had I been their age I would have too). They each had to take a shower after their bath just to get all the bubbles off! I am glad they had one fun bath in their lives because we will watch the bubbles better next time :-)


Karmen said...

Oh wow! Kate and I had a very similar experience in Jost's hottub bath. We put bubble bath in and must have overdone it.. maybe it's something with the jets?!

The Chapters In Our Life said...

Funny :)! My parents have a tub similar that Cayel likes to "swim" in and my mom made the mistake of making it a bubble bath. Not thinking Cayel would turn on the jets. He had so many bubbles it started flowing onto the floor. He did get lost in there and had to take a whole new bath to get the bubbles and soap off :).

Ashley said...

Oh mom! That is the best when kids get to play in the tub with bubbles! :)

Liam Shannon said...

I have always wanted to do that!