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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

39 Weeks

Wow - what a difference 20 weeks can make!!!
It is very exciting to be so close to meeting this new little baby. We are all excited here and the kids are counting down. I try to explain to them that just because I have 7 days left, doesn't mean the baby will be here in 7 days. Hopefully, their new brother or sister won't keep them waiting too long :-)
This has been a great week. I have felt good, the baby continues to entertain us with crazy acrobats and Brock is back after 10 days in ND. I missed him like crazy and my nesting has been temporarily put on hold to snuggle with my man :-) I suppose I will get back to wreaking havoc on this house in no time :-) I had an appointment today and all was well. My belly/baby measured 38.5 cm, heartbeat was 136 and my bp was good (102/66). Things are progressing slowly in terms of my body preparing for birth. The baby is now engaged (lowered into the pelvis) and I was dilated to 2 cm. However, my cervix has not softened much which is a necessity in order to start labor. I have always been late with my babies so I have no expectations for this one to be different. So, with all that said I am sure I will see y'all next week (big belly and all) :-)
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The Chapters In Our Life... said...

I can't wait to check back and see "He's here!" By the way, I say "HE" because I think it's a boy :).

Greta Marie said...

I can't believe it's SO close! You look beautiful!