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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

37 Weeks

Another week has flown by and I can't believe how soon this baby will be here in our arms instead of in my tummy! I have felt pretty good this week, although still quite tired. The past couple days I feel like nesting has finally kicked in. I am ready to conquer all parts of the house and now just need to get some focus :-) I have tore into several projects instead of finishing one at a time. I suppose the focus will come :-)
I had an appointment yesterday and all was well. The baby measured 37 cm (1.5 cm increase from last week so has grown quite a bit). The heartbeat was 148 - higher that it normally is but still great. My blood pressure was good (100/63) and the fluid around the baby felt perfect. I had a B12 shot last week and another one this week (to help with low energy due to low iron). I will have my iron checked again at my next appointment to be sure the iron supplement is working.
Last week the kids came into the room with me and heard the heartbeat. They thought that was pretty cool. This week Brock was going to take them to the library while I had my appointment but Hannah wanted to come with me. All she could talk about was hearing the heartbeat again. She kept asking if it was time to hear it. After hearing the baby the midwife put the monitor on Hannah, which she thought was pretty cool. It was very nice to just be Hannah and I and she especially seemed to enjoy it. Alone time with each kid can be hard to come by but is a definite necessity.
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Karmen said...

Can't believe how fast it's going! And that is a cute little story about Hannah :)

Greta Marie said...

Now Hannah can tell the baby she heard him/her while they were in your tummy! Sweet of the midwife to include Hannah, too, and let her hear herself. :)

p.s. cute shirt!