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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

36 Weeks

We have been visiting MN, WI and ND for nearly 3 weeks so I missed my 35 week picture. Oh well - I guess I will start taking pics weekly now anyways (considering there are only 4 weeks left!!) YIKES. Although I feel like I have been pregnant a long time - the end is coming quickly. It is crazy how things can go fast and slow at the same time.
I feel like my belly has grown alot these past few weeks. It pops straight out and makes me wonder how it could pop out any further! The baby still moves like CRAZY and has entertained us and many others with how he/she makes my belly change shape continually.
I had an appointment yesterday and the heartbeat was 136 and my tummy measured 35.5 cm. They did find that my iron was low so I will take an iron supplement and try eat more iron rich foods from now on. I have been SO tired lately but thought it was all the running I was doing on our mega trip (we drove 3000 miles, traveled in the car 43 hours and visited 5 different locations - 1/2 with Brock and the other half just the kids and I) Also at my apt. we went over all my questions about being at the birth center (vs hospital as I am used to) and I now feel quite prepared :-)
I am feeling less comfortable lately but still pretty good. I can't eat as much or change positions as quickly and feel pretty tired in the afternoon. It may be time to bring back the naps :-) I also find myself more picky about eating - lots of things just don't sound good (like I felt in early pregnancy). I thought maybe I would be "nesting" by now but don't feel the urge to clean and organize yet. I hope it comes soon because I could use a boost :-)

We are all so excited to meet this active little girl or guy and yet are trying to enjoy this stage of awe and wonder as he/she changes so rapidly inside of me. Pregnancy amazes me and gives me added appreciation for the creative abilities of God! I try to make sure I don't lose the joy of that because of getting too anxious for the big day!


The Chapters In Our Life... said...

You are still looking as beautiful as ever! Thanks for sharing your's fun to see the pictures! Can't wait to see the little babe soon!

Karmen said...

very nice pictures! It's fun to see your belly grow, and I totally agree with the thing about time going slow & fast at the same time... I feel like that so often!

Greta Marie said...

Keep growing little baby! :) I'm glad you made it back safe. I was thinking, you sure have made some big trips while pregnant that have really blessed me! (Most recently the wedding, and ECUADOR at 8 months prego with Hannah-that still amazes me and makes me say "YIKES!" :) I owe you BIG. Glad to hear that you are at peace with the birthing center, too. I love seeing this process of the baby growing in you, so again, thanks for sharing!

Janelle said...

Love the pics but especially the last one. Black and white always seems so timeless to me... You look great! Just get your rest! :)