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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

38 Weeks

This week has seen a baby popping out like crazy and his/her mama nesting like a maniac. I never truly realize how big I am until I look at pictures and then I think - WHOA, no wonder I feel huge - I AM! :-) The baby is doing great and showing no sign of being born soon. He or she is still real high in the birth canal and enjoying the space to do the norm - kicking, squirming, pushing, pulling, etc. My appointment this week was uneventful, all was great. The heartbeat was 156 (pretty high compared to normally because he/she was moving all over the place) and my belly measured 38. Also, my iron had increased so that was good.
I figured a belly this big had to be seen in my tight tank top in order to truly appreciate its hugeness :-) It is so funny how it pops right out to almost a point! My baby bellies have always been like this - a total torpedo. The midwife told me it means the baby is laying perfect for birth. Okay, I suppose that makes it worth it. :-)
The midwife asked me at my appointment how I am able to still shave my legs. I was kind of surprised and wondered if people seriously can't shave their legs when pregnant???? Hmmm . . . . if so, I didn't know that!

Hannah is nearly out of patience waiting for this baby. She says several times a day, "I want the baby to pop out now". I have tried to explain that God decides when the baby will be born. I have also used this explanation many times when talking about whether the baby will be a girl or a boy. I think she got confused and recently said, "I wish God would hurry up and decide if it is going to be a boy or a girl so the baby can pop out!" I tried to let her know that God already knew and this wasn't the hold up but I am not sure she got it :-) What a funny girl she is!
Brock & Isaac have been gone this past week and we are all missing them. However, it has allowed me to "nest" late into the evening. I have organized, sorted/eliminated, cleaned and attacked many areas of my house (including the crawl space!!) and still have many more to go. Thankfully, I am still rearing to go so should be able to get to the rest shortly. It cracks me up that I can go to do something simple (put Hannah's clothes away) and end up sorting them all, eliminating a bunch of them and organizing everything before I leave the room. I have also gone bonkers in the kitchen - making freezer meals and getting all sorts of fruits/veg into the freezer. I have been working on that most of yesterday and today. It has been fun being so productive, especially when I know it is all in preparation of another very exciting event in our lives!


The Chapters In Our Life... said...

Would you like to come "nest" in my house when you are done with yours :)? My closets and especially my kitchen could really use it!

You are still looking as beautiful as ever! Sure wish I would have looked that good in my 38th week. I only wore oversized t-shirts and sweatpants. You are so beautiful!

Karmen said...

Haha the concept of nesting is so bizarre, but so helpful I'm sure! Can't believe you're so close to being full term!

Coriander said...

Looking good! Can't wait to meet the little one! You have popped out this week, for sure. Enjoy this time of productiveness - soon you will feel like you aren't getting anything accomplished other than nursing baby, kissing and hugging baby, rescuing baby from siblings - which is quite a bit to accomplish after all.

Greta Marie said...

Good job gettin' stuff done! I bet you feel wonderful crossing things off the list! I also shared the story with Tom about Hannah wanting God to decide the baby's gender...we thought that was pretty cute. :) You're still lookin' great! P.S. Tom says the baby can come September 26th and share a birthday with him.

Theora said...

Yay soon! Mom has always been "torpido" too:) You look great though! So funny about Hannah!