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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Once we had more than one kind it was been fun to see how they resembled each other and how they differed. They are similar in a handful of ways and different in even more. Two of them may be alike in this way and the other two in another way. One thing they have each been completely different in is their hair. Madison was bald and had very little for many years. Isaac had plenty of hair but less on top and lots on the sides (I must post some pics - they will have you rolling. All we can say is WHY didn't we cut it sooner) and Hannah had real dark hair with curls that turned into puffy wild hair. Madison never had enough hair for bed head, thankfully we never let Isaac's become long enough for bed head, and Hannah never has anything BUT bed head! :-) If I want her hair to stay nice through out the day it will require several brushes and refixes. When she woke up the other morning, I just had to take a picture :-)

While she has plenty of hair it is very thin so has a mind of its own. The dry MT air doesn't help keep it under control either :-)


Karmen said...

oh wow! that's quite the hair. For some reason, with as wild as my hair is, I've never really gotten bed head. It must be so weighed down with the thickness it can't get too wild :)

PS. All my travel posts are up, figured I'd warn you since it's kind of a lot to go through and I'll be getting back to normal posts soon!

Greta Marie said...

That is too funny! Looks like she's not minding it too much. :)

p.s. nice shirt!

bekahe said...

Awesome! I can relate:)