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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun in a Field

We packed up all our cross country skiing gear and drove around looking for an easy place to ski. We couldn't be gone long and didn't want to go anywhere too hard. We found a field that worked great. It wasn't too far from home, it was easy and had no hills (my requirement). It was my first time skiing so I wanted to be sure it was EASY :-)

Hannah loved riding on Brock's back but Brock wasn't quite as thrilled. He rarely heard what anyone else said because of the big talker in his ear :-)

Our Christmas skiing gear has been a perfect thing for our family. It has been fun for all of us and I have loved watching the kids get better and better. Now if I could only improve as quickly as they have :-)


Karmen said...

Cool pictures! Those skis look so handy and fun, makes me want to come visit!

Greta Marie said...

Nice! I have only been downhill skiing, but that looks like fun, too. We're moving from lots of snow stage and into flood mode, so I might have to wait until next year. :)