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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Off to a Wrestling Match

Liam and Maggie had a wrestling match in town on Sunday so we spent most of the day watching it.
There was a lot of time when neither Liam or Maggie were wrestling so the kids played, ate, sat, slept or colored and drew
Don't they look enthused :-) When it was time to watch one of the kids wrestle we moved to a spot where we could see better
Naptime for the little man
Liam (in the red)
Liam did great and only lost 2 matched (both to the same kid)
Maggie pinning one of her opponents. She only lost one match and did great.


Karmen said...

that's cool you got to see them in action, they both are very good from all I hear!

Laura said...

Pics are great, Maggie is sooo serious :)