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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Great Time with Great Friends

Our friends Jesse and Denise Strege and their kids made the long journey from MN for a quick and eventful visit. We packed each day with lots of fun and were sad to see them leave!

Hannah and Berlin (3) "jump roping" - they were so funny whipping the ropes all over the place and never truly getting it around them :-)
Hannah and Berlin modeling their new crowns Hannah crawled right into Jesse's lap to show him her cool toy
Izyk (5) was so cute playing catch with Hannah. He was so patient and encouraging - it was adorable.

Madison and Andi (9) had so much fun. We didn't tell the kids they were coming and it was so fun to see their sheer excitement when they saw them pull up!
After a few "intense" soccer and football games Hannah and Alex (13) needed a rest :-)
Lots more pictures to come of all the fun we had!


Karmen said...

looks like a fun visit! :) How fun to surprise the kids.

Greta Marie said...

Oh I bet all the kids were SO excited (great idea to let them be surprised)! This is a side note, but it looks like Berlin is a lot more blond than the last time I saw her. It's such a blessing to have those kind of friends that feel just like family. Very cool.