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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Day of Sledding

While Nicole and her family were here Brock and Shane took the kids sledding. They headed to the same spot we had been a few weeks earlier. It was such a cold day that Nicole and I stayed home with Brogan and Hannah.
Bailey heading down on her stomach. I can never understand why anyone would head down a steep hill with their head/face the first to meet potential danger???? I am so not a dare devil. I sit straight up, ready at any moment to jump. Never lay on my stomach, never lay on my back, never go over a jump and never go down the steepest part of the hill :-) Like I said, I am NOT a risk taker. It is funny how many times people try to get me to do all the things I don't want to try. It is like they think that once I do it I will be so glad I did. Like they are doing me a favor by helping me "conquer my fears". I have expressed myself a million times but they continue to try (Brock especially) - I have no desire to try it, I do not feel I am missing out on anything, I am very content just watching, my life is complete without it :-)
They found a huge snowman and all had to climb on it
Back to sledding :-) Liam looks freaked as he flies sideways over their newly built jump and Madison and Bailey
Liam again - still lookin' a bit scared :-) He is really flying -over Shane's arms and all
My handsome photographer was finally photographed
Bailey going over Shane
Madison in a cloud of snow sails over Brock and Liam

Looks like Madison is about to crash
Shane taking a turn
Liam and Madison after a wreck


Karmen said...

Wow - actions pictures in snow are great at showing whether a camera is good or not, and these pictures are awesome! looks like a fun day.

Laura said...

WOW great ACTION pics :)

bekahe said...

Hilarious facial expressions haha!