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Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Company of the Year

My sister Laura and her husband Joey and their kids came to visit us for New Years. It was so fun to have them here and the kids had a blast and played great! Brock and Joey went snowmobiling one day and skiing another day so Laura and I stayed home with the kids and enjoyed just hanging out. The kids played and played and played - finding exciting things to do inside and outside.

Madison and Lily (7) sledding
Isaac and Kiaran (5). Kiaran was my nephew who had a head injury this summer so although he is healing perfectly he still needed to wear a helmet for added protection. Isaac and Kiaran play SO well together - it is fun to watch. They were so sad to leave each other and have had some exciting phone conversations since. Funny boys!
Madison and Lily enjoying skiing. Lily fit Isaac's skis so got to try it out.

Joey and Brock playing XBox

"Grandma Lily", Lyrik (2) and Hannah and Lyrik as a soldier. Hannah and Lyrik played okay with only a few mishaps :-)

Madison and Lily made several stickers and set up a craft store to sell their goods :-) Little entrepenuers! Madison and cute little Aiden (7 months)

Creativity - always fun to see :-)

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Greta Marie said...

What fun to have family visit! Where did Brock and Joey go skiing? It's so fun to see kids with big imaginations...seems like it's almost like a lost art these days. Glad you all had a great time together!