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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunny Winter Day

After leaving the cabin we stopped at the fish hatchery to enjoy more of the beautiful sunny day. The pond was filled with big fish - they were everywhere.
Such a bright green - so pretty

I love how he is staring right at me :-)

Brock decided he better take the camera for a bit - to prove to the kids someday that I really was around more than it seemed :-)


The Chapters In Our Life... said...

So fun to connect with you over the phone yesterday and to hear of all the happenings in your household :). Thanks for all of your help and advice with trying to plan our family vacation out west. We are still "mulling" things over so I will keep you posted if we come that way. Sure would be fun to meet up again and finally hug after all these years :)!

Karmen said...

wow, the quality of the pictures is so awesome! It's good to see you in pictures :)

Ashley said...

That looks so fun! You guys sure do some neat stuff out there! :)

Greta Marie said...

Oh yeah! That's what you look like! I almost forgot. :) Just kidding. It looks like a nice mild winter there! And beautiful!!