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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sledding the Day Away

We headed up a nearby mountain to go sledding this past weekend. We found a great spot (complete with a jump) and all had a blast!
Madison easily won the award for the most wipe outs :-)

Hannah loved sledding and when she wasn't sailing down the hill she was digging in the snow creating "snow rocks"
I stayed busy trying to capture pictures of Brock, Isaac and Madison sailing over the jump. We laughed and laughed as they each flew over it in a variety of positions. Ouch - looks likes a painful landing!
Isaac flying in his "little red rocket". We realized Hannah's little sled worked pretty good for Isaac :-)
Madison's turn to soar!

I kept my feet on solid ground! I never have been a thrill seeker. The kids definately get it from Brock :-)
Isaac got a double jump. I love Brock's "YEAH" position :-)

A couple more wrecks under her belt :-)

Isaac had a couple good wrecks too - he didn't find them as funny as Madison found hers :-)

I was convinced to take one ride down the hill. It was fun until Isaac walked right in front of me and I ran into him :-)


The Chapters In Our Life... said...

Looks like SO much fun! And what an awesome camera to be able to catch the "in flight" pictures...I keep begging for one :).

Greta Marie said...

These are THE greatest pictures! I love all the action shots and seeing everyone's reactions! Beautiful.