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Monday, February 8, 2010

Cabin Fever

Our home away from home has become forest service cabins. We have tried two different ones in the area and love them both. Whenever it works out - we pack up and head to "our" cabin. This cabin is only 1/4 mile off the road so was really easy to get to (kids skiied, I walked, Hannah rode in her sled and Brock used the snowmobile to bring in all our stuff). We stayed two nights and enjoyed relaxing evenings, reading, sledding, skiing, snowmen, snow forts, board games, wood gathering, simple meals, beautiful star filled skies and lots of time together. Something about no electricity, no running water, no indoor plumbing, tiny quarters and beautiful surroundings beckons us over and over.
Samson loves the cabin too - he runs and runs and runs. Thankfully he stays close by and hasn't gotten into a fight with an animal yet :-)
Every time he was out he managed to find some burrs :-)
Brock took the kids sledding while I took a nap. They used the snowmobile to find the best hill. Unfortunately, I forgot to send the camera with him.

We used our self timer to try get a family picture and capture the beauty of the mountains behind us! I was happy to get a picture of us all but the best part was watching Brock run like crazy through the deep snow to make it in time for the picture :-) Of course we had to take a few so he got some good exercise.

The kids got creative with their snowmen, using whatever they could find for hair, eyes, buttons, nose etc.

Brock stayed busy chopping wood and the kids stayed busy carrying it in. Hannah was especially proud that she was able to help.
Out for a walk one cool, clear evening. The stars were so amazingly bright and there were SO many of them. It was so beautiful.

Out the front of the cabin was a big hill that the kids sledded down or skiied down over and over.
The gained enough speed to go really far
The definately got their exercise trudging up and down the hill

Although we hated to leave it was time to head home. The kids skiied and Brock, Hannah and I walked. It was a beautiful, sunny day.


Greta Marie said...

I LOVE this cabin idea! What a great retreat for your family! I've been watching "Little House on the Prairie" (rented from the library) lately and just love their simple lifestyle...this reminds me of it! :) Looks like it's a great place for any time of year!

The Chapters In Our Life... said...

Looks like so much fun and so beautiful!!

bekahe said...

You are a regular pioneer family, aren't you?? haha