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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dress Up, Dolls & ABC's

Hannah loves dressing up, playing with her "babies" & watching herself on video. She has also become opinionated about how to fix her hair. She always asks for two ponies :-) From the looks of these pictures I should have taken the time to fix it before I started snapping :-)

She almost completed her outfit :-)

Several times a day Hannah asks me to play babies with her. She wants to dress them up, take them out in the "cars" (her little riding toy) and rock them to sleep. She always asks me first which one is my favorite then gives me that one (unless of course it is the one she really wants). When I choose the one she wants it is so funny to see her try to convince me to choose the other one. She will say things like, "Oh look at this one it is has a little butterfly on it".

There's nothing better than combining dress up WITH a picnic

Hannah continually sings her ABC's and wants me to record her so she can watch herself on the computer. She also likes to see her picture on my cell phone. She will ask, "can I see Hannah?" She seems to be in awe of seeing herself.


The Chapters In Our Life... said...

So cute! And the picnic with the 3 of them is adorable! They have such a great imagination! I need to work on that with Cayel more...

Karmen said...

cute! It's crazy how much she sounds like Isaac in that video!

Greta Marie said...

I love the combination of little princess/glamor girl, pioneer girl, and cowboy! :)

bekahe said...

Adorable!! What a sweet spirit:)