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Friday, February 13, 2009

Jabbering Little Girl

Hannah is quite the little "talker". Here are a few videos I took last week (please excuse the pj's and dirty face - when they are acting cute there is no time for spiffing up) :-) Out of the blue, Hannah points to her cousin Finn's picture and keeps saying "Binn" It took me a second to tell what she was saying! I guess she is missing Finn :-)

As you can see, not only is Hannah missing Finn she is missing Grandpa too. I don't know why she insists she sees him outside, wishful thinking I guess :-) She loves living by grandpa and grandma and cuddles up with them any chance she gets :-)


The Outdoor Gang said...

Oh her little voice is SO sweet! What a BIG girl she is becoming!

Greta Marie said...

It's so fun to hear her little voice and just seeing her become a little person! Cute.