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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boy Do I Love . . . .

"My mommy and my cousin Hannah" Finn happily said

"Doing puzzles with Aunt Erika" Madison replied
"This nice, big, black dog" Finn exclaimed

"A nice sturdy horse to sit on" Hannah said confidently
"Definately one of grandma's ginger snap cookies" Finn said with a mouth full
"Playing with cousins" Hannah, Isaac and Finn shouted simultaneously

Madison, Hannah, Isaac and Finn told you some of the things they love and

Here are some things I love:
1. God and learning more about Him because my purpose in life is to glorify Him and enjoy Him FOREVER

2. My handsome hubby who makes me laugh, makes me feel loved and makes me happy to be his wife

3. My three kids who make me love everything about being a stay at home mom and help me grasp God's love for us

4. My family and all the time "spent together" (whether on the phone, in person or on the computer) because they encourage me, challenge me and love me always

5. My friends because they are always there when I need them (even if its just by phone these days) :-)
6. Living in a beautiful place surrounded by mountains that make me in awe of God's power

7. Snuggling up with my hubby for a movie so we can "experience" another world, another era, another time together

8. The ocean because it makes me feel refreshed and relaxed

9. The sun beating down on me because I love the warmth

10. Taking pictures and scrapbooking because I love expressing our life in a visual way

11. Anything and everything chocolate because it is so tasty

Okay, now it is your turn - what are some things you love???

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Coriander said...

Good post! Don't know how I missed it! Very well expressed! I'll have to do one too.