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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun with Cousins

Yes, I know I am still catching up from Christmas! I could just skip ahead but then I wouldn't be able to post all these adorable pictures!!

Christmas Day - Hannah playing with her new baby and stroller. She is so cute with her babies, she gets them set in the stroller just right, she changes their diapers (using wipes and all), she hugs them, kisses them, changes their clothes etc.
Hannah and her cousin Finn were quite a cute pair. They both had cowboy boots on and were going to town stomping around the kitchen.
Finn skipped right past the "stomping" and moved into the dancing! I wished I had a video of his moves - he had quite a few! As you can see he is pretty proud of the response he was getting out of us! Hannah was content just watching him dance, she never felt the urge to join in :-)

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Coriander said...

Great pictures! That is so cute about Hannah and her doll! Good "Mommy Training"!