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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun All Around

While the kids had fun in the backyard creating our family out of snow

I had fun in the front trying out my new camera's zoom lens. I never tire of the beautiful mountains out our window. They change their appearance constantly - it is crazy! With a fresh dusting of snow I couldn't resist photographing their beauty.
The kids and I aren't the only ones enjoying ourselves! Hannah is having fun inside the warmth of the house. She loves playing with this book - listening to it talk and jabbering back to it :-)


Coriander said...

SO JEALOUS of your view!! Wonderful pics!

Greta Marie said...

It's so beautiful! Pretty creative to make your family as snowmen, too! :)

The Outdoor Gang said...

Those mountains sure look beautiful! Goodness you still have a lot of snow! It's almost March, better remind Montana of that :)! We hit 60 degrees today!!

Karmen said...

playing in the snow sounds very appealing right now :) probably cause there is so much of it. Might as well make something of it!
The view is so pretty. Hannah looks even more grown up than in the last pictures!