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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Come on In

I have finally taken some pictures of our house in MT to show you our new stomping grounds :-) Unfortunately, our house in Minnesota has not sold yet so we are just renting here until it sells. We left half of our stuff in MN and only brought the essentials with us. Now, instead of looking all over for something we just say "oh it must be in MN still" and we are suddenly off the hook :-)

Here is the outside. We love the neighborhood - it is right across the street from a park, has an awesome view of the mountains, is less than a mile from grandpa and grandma, is 3.5 miles from Target and Costco and about 5 miles from lots of others (old navy, gap, pier one etc), and it is about 5 miles from where Brock works so he still comes home for lunch.

I haven't taken pictures of the main level yet. I will try to do that today - if I get a chance. You would think I have lots of time on my hands, not knowing anyone yet. I stay completely busy doing the normal things of the house (homeschool, running errands, cleaning, cooking etc.) I am not sure how I will fit an "outside life" in when the time comes :-) So, the pics for today are of the upper level. After going about 6 steps up, here you are in the hall

The first door on the right is the bathroom. The bathrooms are probably the worst rooms in the house - they need lots of work (mostly new floors, paint and vanity) But oh well, there are 3 of them so that is great! Another thing we really like is the nice tall ceilings in the main and upper levels.

The next door is our bedroom. It is nice and big with a bathroom (yeah!) and big closets. Although we do not have tv (at least for cable) we do LOVE to watch movies. I guess that would explain why we owned a movie theatre :-) It has been so fun having a nice big library to check out movies from. We checked out a PBS special on the Donner Party the other night. That was possibly a mistake - I dreamt I was fighting to survive along the oregon trail all night long! Brock said his dreams were filled with zombies! I suppose we may need to pick less tragic movies for the sake of our sleep :-)

If this were our house it would be pretty fun to redo the bathroom's. It wouldn't take much yet the difference would be like night and day! I know that people differ when it comes to what they think looks best but I thought maybe there was a general consensus about what doesn't look good. I guess not :-)

Moving on to the next room (this is at the end of the hall) is the school room/office. Painting is another thing I would do in this house if I could :-) I love having this room - it serves for alot of different things and we spend tons of time in here. I am in the process of getting all my scrapbook stuff set up in here also so I can do it whenever I find time :-) The big nice closet is perfect for organizing school supplies, crafts and scrapbook things.

The last room upstairs is the guest room/Hannah's room. If I failed to mention the intense need for repaiting in several rooms then I definately should mention it now :-) We tried to peal off the cherubs (is that what they are called?) but they are stuck HARD.When Erika (Brock's sister) tried to lay Finn down for a nap in here he kept pointing to them in distress. They are a tad scary looking I guess! Hannah has all her clothes and stuff in here but just not the most important thing - HERSELF. When we take the time to kick her out of our bed we will get her crib set up and get her in here. Hopefully she isn't scared of flying, chubby, naked kids on her wall :-)

There are 3 more levels to go! Once I am through then you will see why it is hard for me to keep it clean, at least keep it all clean at the same time :-)


The Outdoor Gang said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. It is always so fun to see where people call "home." Looks like a nice house with lots of space for your family. I can only imagine how hard it is to not start painting or ripping out floors :). House remodling is SO much work! We are still chipping away at ours. I will say an extra prayer that you are able to sell your place back in MN, I bet you would love to get into a place you could buy and make exactly the way you want it . . .

The Outdoor Gang said...

Just me again . . . Okay, so I just clicked on your "Minnesota house" link and looked at the pictures. Wow, what an awesome house!! Beautiful with so much character! I would buy it if I lived in Roseau :)!

Greta Marie said...

Oh it looks so nice! I can't wait to see it in person one day!

bekahe said...

haha, I think I'd be scared of the naked angels room! And I'm really jealous of your great school room!

Karmen said...

looks really nice! i love the red room. hopefully I'll see it in person soon :)

Coriander said...

I love it! So spacious. Lots of potential! Can't wait to see it in person!

Coriander said...

Good post! I loved the funny comments - hehe!