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Friday, July 8, 2011

9 Months

Wow - this is almost one month behind! I guess you could say that represents me right now (at least how I feel sometimes) - one month behind. Things are busy this summer and I feel like I am scrambling to keep up. Maybe because summer took so long coming and when it finally arrived there was so much to pack in! There is so much we love to do this time of year - hikes, camping, trips to see family/friends, swimming, walks, sports for kids, gardening and on and on and on - so what can you do but get out and do it. Unfortunately, the house is showing signs of too much "going out and doing" so this week has been catch up week. Catch up on the house, the blog, the laundry, the emails and all other details that get swept under the rug when you are busy having fun and enjoying the hot summer days!

This sweet little lady has yet again grown older! Wow - the time is flying by and we just keep falling in love with her. The kids adore her and are so sweet to her - it is so fun to see. Although she is getting older - this month she didn't get bigger. The stomach flu swept through our house and got Brock, Hannah and Audrey. It hit Audrey pretty bad and she was puking a lot one day and pretty lethargic and mellow for several more.
Aside from being sick - Audrey has had a fun month! She enjoyed watching Isaac play soccer. Sometimes she watched under bright sunny skies and other times she watched all bundled up in the cold, dreary rain.
She continued to perfect her pre-walking skills and walked along all things vertical. She can easily grab from one surface to another and continue on her way. This of course has added a whole new world for her (and a whole new job for us - keeping her out of many, many things).
She had her first pool experience and loved it! She loves splashing in the bath so I knew she would love the pool. The only problem was she kept trying to dive down and drink the water - Yuck!
She has each and every one of us wrapped around her finger (nothing new I guess).Who wouldn't immediately scoop this little cutie up with a look like that??? Every so often she is very serious which is such a change from the little ham she usually is.
She has been perfecting her comedic abilities and loves to make us laugh. She is definitely used to having an audience. Her belly laugh is contagious and gets us all laughing.
She has discovered a new favorite place and can be found there anytime it is open. When it is clean I put her toys up there and she plays away. However, she has gotten a bit dangerous and has started grabbing things out. This new obsession has brought on a new rule in our house - all knives in the back! Unfortunately, this one we had to learn from experience. Thankfully, we saw it happening and no injuries were sustained :-)
She has discovered the sliding glass door and how much fun it is. She loves to watch the kids play and especially loves banging her hands on it. I suppose she is baffled by this strange contraption she can feel but can't see :-)
She continues to keep us all smiling and on our toes. She is FAST as can be and is into something or eating something before you can blink. She has discovered that we all stop and scramble to her side when she "chokes" thus it is now one of her favorite sounds to make! Kids are so smart aren't they! She has started eating a lot more and especially loves avocado, soft-boiled egg yolks and coconut oil. These things she gobbles up - all other things (peas, beans, peaches, squash, carrots and sweet potato) she tolerates. She still nurses a lot in the night, still doesn't tolerate dairy and continues to be a great napper (goes to sleep on her own and stays asleep).
Well - kiddos and hubby will be up soon so I am off to do some more catching up :-)

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changing ashes to beauty said...

She's getting so big. And beautiful!