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Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Day for a BIG Girl

I love 4th birthdays! I remember the other kids turning 4 and how excited they were. I think it is the first birthday that is anticipated for a long period of time, the first birthday that they talk about nonstop beforehand and the first birthday that the child thoroughly enjoys every minute of. Hannah followed in the other kids footsteps and was THRILLED to turn 4. She told everyone she met how many days away it was, made songs up about it, talked about what she wanted for her birthday and remembered it the minute she woke up. It was a fun day filled with no chores, picking the menu for the day, a movie instead of "school", lots of games and playing, birthday glasses and presents at grandma and grandpa's, yummy cupcakes with ice cream and sprinkles and of course great presents! The day after her birthday she enjoyed a date with dad and mom out for pizza. We decided to do some alone time with each kid on their birthday to try to make it extra special for them. Brock and I often get time alone with an individual kid but not often is it both of us with only one kid. It was fun for all of us!

Now for a walk down memory lane. It was fun (and a little sad) to gather up these pictures of Hannah on her birthday each year. Look at her cute little lips, piercing black eyes and thick dark hair. What a good baby she was - so mellow and sweet.

Hannah loved getting attention (and still does!) She had a huge smile and a mischievous look. She was busy busy busy trying to keep up with the other kids
Moving to MT was rough on our immune systems and we were all sick ALOT - especially Hannah. It shows in these pics - little skinny girl had just gotten over Rotovirus. She still smiled alot, loved playing princess, loved talking (and talking and talking and talking . . . . ) and was so expressive and dramatic.
Big changes in one year - especially in the hair department :-) She now has little piggy tails to go with her sweet smile! She continues to be our little social girl - she loves Sunday School and Awana, loves talking to people, loves singing and telling stories.
And now our Big 4 year old!!! She is sweet and thoughtful, honest and straightforward - she says, "no thanks mom" when she doesn't want to do something (sorry girly - that wasn't a question). She is dramatic and serious (which is such a funny combination - she keeps us laughing!) She wants to pretend all day long - usually that I am her mom and she is my baby, horse or dog. She has a little temper and a stubborn streak that we are working on. She is usually very good and every once in a while she shocks us by being SO naughty. Throwing a tantrum of all tantrums. Thankfully, this is few and far between and she is usually fun, sweet, cute and loving. She isn't shy at all - she waits for someone to make eye contact with her just so she can talk (and talk and talk and talk . . . . ) What a fun 4 years we have had with this little lady!


Karmen said...

So fun to see all of the pictures on each birthday! Hannah has such a personality and it's so fun to see it develop more and more. I can't believe she is already four! I remember she was such a sweet and pretty little baby.

changing ashes to beauty said...

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Hannah! I loved the pictures of each year - what a great way to document those pictures and memories.

Greta Marie said...

Happy belated birthday, sweet Hannah! It's so fun to see how she is growing into such a sweet little girl!

Greta Marie said...

p.s. I like the kid and parents date idea!

Coriander said...

Great post! What a great way to mark the years! So cute to see the changes. How the years year by!

Theora said...

Aww happy very late birthday Hannah:) Don't know why I havn't seen this before:P She is getting so old looking!
Yes 4 is a big one! Jude's birthday was on a Sunday and he went around telling everybody at church. He went up to our pastor and said "Hi Pastor! It's my birthday! We should sing!"
Hehe funny how much they change in a year;)