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Friday, July 8, 2011

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

For 6 weeks this summer Isaac was consumed with soccer. Last summer he did a couple days of park and rec soccer and liked it so this year I signed him up for team soccer. He had practice once or twice a week and a game every Sunday. He loved it and did great.
We had fun watching him each week (rain or shine). He was thrilled when he would score or block a goal and he would look right over at us with a huge smile! It was really cute. I am so glad we were there to share his excitement with him.
He was very aggressive and always jumped right in there.
Having the games at 1 on Sundays made for quite a scramble Sunday mornings :-) I would get everything ready Saturday night (change of clothes, lunches and his soccer stuff) and right after church we would race out, get to the field, change in the car and eat quickly. It wasn't always fun but we always managed :-) Audrey slept through a couple of his games, we huddled together for some and basked in the sun for others. Grandpa and grandma even made it to a couple of them.
What a lucky guy to have such a nice bunch of girls to cheer him on
Another goal - yeah!!!
Isaac also did British soccer camp for one week and loved that. He thought it was pretty cool to have a coach from England. They worked on lots of different stuff and then had a world cup on the last day. Isaac was on the United States team. I brought my camera for the last day and right as I took it out to take pics the battery died! Oh well - that's life :-)

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Theora said...

Fun! He looks so old!
He looks like he really enjoyed it;)
Madison looks pretty too:) As does everybody!