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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cushions, Cushions, Cushions

On windy days the kids scramble to get the deck cushions inside to safety. Audrey loves these days because it means loads of climbing fun. Actually, she isn't the only one - the kids are always building forts or playing with these cushions. My endless dealings with them (cushions not kids) has caused me to move "deck box" further up on my need (or should I say want) list. Audrey looks so excited in this picture and I love how Samson is standing guard in the background.
One day we were driving home from town and had just turned onto our street when I saw several of our cushions. They had travelled quite a distance from our house and were still going. I quickly told the kids to chase after them (so nice to have kids to do those embarassing things for us!) They, thankfully, don't think this is embarrassing at all and think its pretty fun.

When we first moved into our house there were several cushions waiting for us on our front porch. We had asked for the patio furniture from the back deck when buying the house so just assumed the pillows were ours. A couple of them didn't seem to go with any of the others (they were green) but we just assumed they were ours. Mixed matched colors is in right?? We were not completely convinced and even scoped out our neighbors patio furniture to see if it seemed to belong there. It didn't so we settled in with our red/orange, taupe and green cushions. Two months later were were camping and came home to see "our" green pillows at the neighbors house tucked neatly on their furniture! It had been a real windy day and most of our stuff had blown into their yard (including toys and dog bowls). They nicely returned it all minus their long lost pillows! We laughed and laughed about it (amongst ourselves - not with them) and imagined them watching us use them month after month and trying to find a way to ask us for them back. Their daughter comes and plays with Madison all the time so I am not sure why they didn't tell her to tell us. They must not be like some parents who get their kids to do their embarassing things! :-)

As a baby Madison looked very similiar to Audrey. Although now she looks more like me as a baby she looked just like Brock (and therefore just like Audrey).
Oh the joys of cushions! They provide a nice comfy place to sit, endless fun for kids, exercise for kids as they blow around the neighborhood and lots of laughs as you remember "stealing" them from new neighbors

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Theora said...

Cute pictures! I love that story too. So funny.