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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

“‎He is risen! And O the overflow of that single event. It was the cosmic Yes! from God the Father that the death had done all it was meant to do.”

— John Piper
Desiring God
We had a great Easter. Things have been really busy since returning from MN so it was very nice to have a low key celebration with just the six of us.
Brock has a new job (which is why we were in MN earlier this month) and with that new job is a new shop/retail store. He has been busy getting it up and running. I like being there to help him and the kids love playing outside and exploring everything. We decided to do their easter egg hunt there and it was a huge success. They LOVED it. We gave them their baskets with a couple things in it - one of which was a webkinz. They were so shocked and thrilled and it was so fun to capture it with my camera.
The hunt begins! The kids had painted eggs with grandma the day before so we had lots of eggs to hide and a beautiful sunny day to enjoy while searching.
It was so fun to watch Hannah because she was so excited when she would find one. This was her first egg hunt and she enjoyed it thoroughly.
The shop has a lot of tall grass, a little man made pond, private road for bike riding and horses next door - what more could a kid ask for :-)


Karmen said...

great pictures! A low key family Easter sounds really nice, and the weather looks beautiful!

Erika said...

Happy Easter to you all! We also enjoyed a super mellow, at home, family of four Easter morning with friends bringing dinner over.

Your photos of the hunt are great.

Theora said...

All you guys look great!
The pics are so pretty:)
I love the one of Hannah with the egg. Her face is so funny/cute!
Madison looks really pretty:)

Coriander said...

Great pictures!! Sounds like a fun Easter. Love Madison's dress. Also love the family pictures.

Greta Marie said...

Great action shots of the kids looking for eggs and family shots! It looks like a beautiful Easter day, even with a little snow still on the ground. :) It was so fun to wake up to a beautiful sunny day here, too, to celebrate Christ's resurrection!