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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Here We Are Again

Another beautiful day
and another anxious little girl who CAN'T WAIT to turn 4!!

She talks about it all the time and tells everyone she meets (even strangers) that she is going to be 4 soon. When asked the details she doesn't know - she just knows that it is "after winter is over" and "soon" :-)
She made up a song about her upcoming birthday and goes around the house singing it.
Hannah's birthday's in 14 days
Hannah's birthday's in 14 days
Hannah's birthday's in 14 days
And I'm Hannah
She is at such a fun age - so energetic, serious and dramatic. In her dramatic way she fills you in on the details of all things. She talks or sings ALL the time. We started to worry that she doesn't knows how to keep quiet so we have started to practice this art. It is a HARD task for her and has required much practice :-) She is not shy at all and keeps us all laughing.


changing ashes to beauty said...

So precious! Turning 4 is a big deal! Cayel just turned 5 and wants to knw how many days until he is 6 :)!

Karmen said...

haha love the song :) She's so sweet and I love her excitement!

Greta Marie said...

A future lyricist?! Love it. :)

Coriander said...

Great pics. Love the bow! Are her southern cousins having an influence? he he! Adorable. She and Jude would have a blast!