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Saturday, October 9, 2010

One Month Old

Little Audrey Elizabeth is already one month old and boy has she changed!
She weighs 9 lbs 2 oz - a gain of almost 2 lbs since birth (I still have to adjust her weight due to the scale being a little off). I found a comfy blanket for her so she would be nice and warm and after I zeroed the scale and laid her on it she peed! I guess it was a little too warm and cozy :-)

She loves to smile when we talk to her. She also watches us like a hawk - moving her head and eyes trying to follow wherever we are going. It is so cute.
She has lost almost all her hair on the top and is now sporting an "old man" hairdo! If she grows anymore hair on the sides (which right now is hardly any) then she will be getting her first haircut - "old man" hair is not what we are going for with our little lady :-)
Her eyes are getting lighter and lighter and her blue is starting to show. We know her eyes will be blue but we are anxious to see what shade of blue :-)
Following me with her eyes and giving me a little smirk!
Such cute little chubby cheeks!

She still loves her pacifier. We have accumulated a variety of them over the years after trying to see what the other kids would like best. Audrey doesn't care, she is not picky at all - as long as she has one she is happy :-)
"Mom, you take way too many pictures! That big bright light gets old and now I am all tuckered out!"

Sweet dreams our adorable little lady!


The Chapters In Our Life... said...

So precious!

Coriander said...

I feel like a broken record always saying "great pictures!". These really are so adorable. She is sooo cute!! And I love your creative poses. Can't wait to meet Audrey!

Greta Marie said...

She's changing so much! It's hard to believe it can happen that quickly! I like the peeing on the blanket story, too. :) I bet moms have all sorts of funny stories like that...or about things their kids have said. :) Audrey, you are a beautiful little girl!

Karmen said...

So cute, can't believe how old she is already!