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Thursday, October 21, 2010

6 Weeks

"I am 6 weeks old today! My mom and dad say they can't believe how FAST I am growing. I have heard them talk about my chubby cheeks and double chin - whatever that means. I notice they are always making silly faces at me, I don't know why they do this but it sure makes me smile. If they keep it up I might even laugh. I am saving that for another day though - I want to catch them off guard - to really surprise them!"
"My mom lays me on something hard and white every week and then gets this big black thing with a really bright light and blinds me over and over again. I guess it is called a camera because I hear her saying, 'Quick get the camera' all day long. Can't she tell from my furrowed brow that I am not into this!"
"I guess I am getting to be a real big girl - I weight 9 lb 12.5 oz. I have gained 2 1/2 pounds since I was born. I guess that is nothing compared to my cousin who is a month older than me - he gained 1 lb per week! Wow, I think I would like to meet him!"
"My mom finally stopped putting things over my hands so I am free to suck on them all I want - and boy do I love to do that. It might even be better than my pacifier. Hey now, I said MIGHT so don't go thinkin' about taking my pacifier away until I am sure"
"I guess I look like my sisters Madison and Hannah and I even look like my brother Isaac. My mom and dad say I am a perfect mixture of them both. What do you think?"
"I love being held. I think I could be held all day and all night! My mom has been trying to put me down more and boy am I not liking that. I really put up a fuss - I cry and cry until she picks me up again. I especially like to do this when she is trying to make dinner. Hey, it doesn't matter to me if she gets it done or not I still have a delicious meal!"
"Yep, its still me. Like I said - she took TONS of pictures then she said I was so cute she couldn't leave any out!"
"See, what did I tell you - she couldn't put that camera down (in fact she rarely does)! Click, blinded, click, blinded, click, blinded for ages. Maybe next time I should try crying instead of laying there looking as CUTE as can be!!"
"She finally put my clothes back on and talked to me and made her silly faces at me. Although I still couldn't see clearly from the bright lights it was pretty funny. Plus, she seems so happy when I smile at her - I didn't want to let her down."
"That's it for now - see you all in a week"


Janelle said...

What a smiley little cutie!

Greta Marie said...

You know how most mothers start taking fewer pictures as they have more kids? NOT YOU! :) That's great though, especially for Audrey's sake. She'll be thanking you one day when she realizes she doesn't have to scrounge around to find a picture of herself. :)

Karmen said...

Cute post! I love the furrowed brow picture. She is already looking so different week by week. I need to see her soon!