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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Things are getting back to normal in our household. We have had the flu sweep through, we have started school, we have endured a couple sleepless nights watching a sick little baby (my least favorite aspect of parenting - the uncertainty of sickness), we have gotten back to our household jobs (sort of) and so on
Our handsome guy and adorable little lady. Isaac has become an awesome helper. He talks to Audrey, tells her stories with the little bears attached to her bassinet, reads her books, puts her pacifier back in for her and anything needed. It is so cute to watch!
Audrey has been real congested for the past week. Thankfully, she is doing a little bit better now - mostly just bad at night and in the mornings.
Snuggling with daddy. She has turned into a little smiler but I was unsuccessful capturing it. She especially smiles for Brock - I guess she likes silly guys!
The kids helped me yesterday make raspberry freezer jam. I had gotten 36 cartons (6 oz each) of reduced raspberries for only $3!! However, because they were reduced we did have to spend some extra time picking out bad ones. We didn't mind - it was worth it! Madison's job was sorting good from bad, Hannah's was to stir them & Isaac was playing with and taking care of the baby :-) They were all awesome helpers!


The Chapters In Our Life... said...

Sorry to hear you were all sick. That is never any fun and so painful to watch when it's your little ones.

The jam sounds yummy! Raspberry is my favorite!

Karmen said...

Aw, the raspberry thing sounds so fun! :) Raspberries are one of my very favorite fruits. Sad little Audrey hasn't been feeling too well, but glad she's getting better!

Greta Marie said...

What wonderful helpers you have! They all look like they're thoroughly enjoying their jobs, too! Sorry you had to experience the fall sickness season. All the students at both of my practicum placements have been sick for the past two weeks. Ready to see clear noses again! :)