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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Journey

I love travelling. I love seeing places I have never seen. I love visiting not only our destination but places along the way. I have been on a lot of road trips with many different people and realized quickly there are two kinds of people. First, there are those who like to get to their destination as soon as possible. Second, those who take it a little slower and enjoy several little destinations along the way. Brock and I are definately part of the latter group. We like to enjoy the ride, stop at new places, stop at familiar places, find a good restraunt to eat at etc. Unfortunately, most of the time we don't have that luxury. We are short on time and have no other option but to get there asap. Thankfully, on our trip to Salt Lake City earlier this month we were able to make a practical stop (potty break for Hannah) into an enjoyable stop. It was really fun to find a fun place to let the kids run, to take pictures and to see the beauty of a new place.

This stop in St. Anthony Idaho had beautiful fall colors, a pretty stream, a peaceful lake and a really cool army tank. Best of all was the fact that it was right next to the gas station.

Despite growing up in Idaho I don't make it back there very often. It was so fun to be there again - even if it was southeren Idaho instead of northern :-)


Karmen said...

that place looks so beautiful! crazy that it was just right next to the gas station.

The Chapters In Our Life said...

Finally a post :)! I've been watching and patiently waiting . . . I hope all is well. Thanks for sharing your pictures from our trip to Utah.