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Monday, October 26, 2009

Heading UP

While visiting Chris and Erika we headed out to see and experience the mountains. We decided we also wanted to check out OctoberFest (being held at a ski resort) so found a short hike in the same area. Unfortunately, there was much more snow than we anticipated and it was very windy so many of us weren't fully prepared (hats, gloves, boots) but we decided to go for it anyways :-) The road to get to the trailhead was gated so we ended up walking a bit further than we expected but still not too crazy.

Madison and Isaac were rearing to go. Madison kept that energy and was usually way up ahead but Isaac's energy eventually disappeared and he had to be prodded along or carried along half of the time. Chris, Finn and Madison checking out the map.

And we're off - Brock (with Hannah hidden on his back), Isaac, Bruce (Brock and Erika's dad who was visiting from Wisconsin), Madison, Erika, Chris and Finn.
Uh oh, Isaac hasn't made it too far and he is already hitching a "ride" - this may be a long hike :-)

Maybe if he hadn't burned so much energy throwing snowballs and running from snowballs earlier :-)

I tried to catch him doing his "na na na you can't get me" but he put his hands down right as I was taking it :-) You can still get the idea by his posture, hand position and big smile :-) Brock of course had to show him who was boss and got him right in the head :-) Isaac thought it was pretty funny!

We are all starting to wonder where the lake is :-) It was supposed to be a .4 mile hike and it feels like we have already gone that far :-) Chris and Madison are waiting behind the trees to attack the stragglers with snowballs :-)

We are now to the rocky, steep stuff. It is beautiful - such a variety, trees, shrubs, color, snow, grass, snowy mountains, rock covered mountains etc.

We have finally arrived at Cecret Lake. It is so pretty and we all agree worth the effort to get there :-)

Erika, Finn, Bruce (grandpa), Chris, Madison, Isaac, Hannah (fast asleep), Brock and me
Chris, Madison and Isaac off in the distance
Erika and Finn
Heading back down - Chris and Brock (with Isaac and Hannah)
It was pretty steep and icy heading back down - but very beautiful. We made it down much faster as we were all getting hungry and cold
I had to take a picture of the sign because we still couldn't believe it was only .4 miles (plus the walk to the trailhead)
It was so exciting to see two moose on our walk back to the car. They were not too far off the road busy eating in the trees.I have seen a female moose once before but never a male. It was very cool.
We stopped at OktoberFest and ate our lunch and walked around a little bit. It wasn't too exciting and the food lines were SO long we decided not to sample anything. The drive down was almost as beautiful as the hike - there was so much color everywhere and seeing the city down below was really cool


Karmen said...

Wow - so pretty! Mountains are definitely my favorite scenery, these pictures are making me long to get near some! that last picture is amazing, so so pretty. God is quite the artist isn't He?

The Chapters In Our Life said...

I love the pictures! It makes me miss the mountains! And the moose is beautiful!

Erika said...

Awesome photos of a great weekend together. We all miss you. Finn is constantly pointing out black SUVs and asking, "Is that Brock and Amber's truck?"

Greta Marie said...

These are absolutely amazing pictures. I bet even better in real life.