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Monday, April 25, 2011

7 Months

We have been BUSY BUSY BUSY this month so this post is very late!! She was 7 months on April 9th and has changed so much. She is all over the place now and cannot be trusted to stay put!! She eats anything she comes in contact with (from microscopic to huge) although has no interest in eating actual food. While she hasn't been eating real food she has been nursing a lot better. The last couple weeks I have been slowly adding dairy back into my diet and she is doing well with it. Such a relief as it was really hard to be completely dairy free on our recent trip to MN.
She has gained over a pound this month (YEAH!!) and now weighs 14 lb 10.5 oz. As you can
see she is also pretty excited about her increased size.
She has started to crawl this month although reverts to army crawling most of the time. It is definitely the faster of the two for her.
She has participated in her first big road trip - 14 hour trip to MN - and did wonderful. She is a trooper getting in and out of the car seat time after time. She was especially pushed to her limit on the return trip when the second leg of our journey took 13 hours (instead of 7!!) We were in MN for nearly 2 weeks visiting friends and family and she encountered multiple strangers. She again passed with flying colors. She did awesome happily being held by many new people daily.

She is LOUD! I cannot sit in church (or anywhere that requires quietness) because she jabbers (loudly) the whole time. She growls, squeals, laughs, hums and anything else that makes a lot of noise. She is definitely our loudest baby. I hope this doesn't mean she will be an extra loud kid - we already have a couple of those :-)
She stands next to anything and everything. She has even started pushing things around (baskets, stools, toys) and walking along with it. It is really cute. Her new love of standing has caused many bumps and scares but she continues on. She has a death grip when she falls and hangs on for dear life as she waits for help to arrive.


Karmen said...

She is so precious! Love all of the pictures. I'm getting a little sad thinking I may not see her before I leave, and she'll be over a year old when I get back!

Greta Marie said...

Hey! Those are my hands in the first picture! ;) Love the post. I was so thrilled to finally meet little Audrey and get to spend some time with your fam!

changing ashes to beauty said...

Beautiful! And so glad to see updated pictures and an updated post!

Theora said...

Oh she is so cute!
Nice big blue eyes:)