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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poor Baby

Our sweet little lady has been sick for the past couple days. She feels so miserable and sleeps, cries or moans all day and night. She hasn't smiled or laughed since coming down with this (3am Tuesday morning) so these pics from the other day are a welcome sight for me right now. Look at those cute little chubby legs!
She is congested and has a fever and I am guessing is achy (considering she moans or cries whenever I move her). Thankfully, she is still eating okay (not much but quite often). Sticking her tongue out has gotten to be a pretty common look for her lately as she tries to suck and chew on everything!
I have been sitting/laying in my room with her all day and night. All I have done is comfort her, hold her, feed her, read, do internet stuff and sleep when I can. I don't know how much sleep I have gotten in the past two days but not much :-) Yesterday, I was able to do some school with the kids (on the bed in our room) but otherwise they had a free day. Fun for them and now we have a huge fort in our living room. Madison was such a big help doing whatever I needed and even surprised me by bringing dinner up to me (that she had made!) and she also fed the kids. What a nice surprise it was! Today, Donna/Grandma took the kids which is very helpful. Leaving me with nothing to do but take care of Audrey. A job I am happy to do no matter how exhausting it is :-) Isn't she so cute sitting in her bumbo. She things she is pretty cool in there - getting to be such a big girl!
Praying for a better day tomorrow for our sweet little doll!
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Karmen said...

Aw, poor girl! Hopefully it passes over quickly!