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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Months Old

Little Audrey is getting so big!! She is now feeling quite a bit better, although still stuffed up and coughing. We are so thankful that she has improved so much from last week. We are, however, in shock that she is already 4 months!!! Where or where did our TINY baby go!?!
She is chewing on anything she can get in her mouth. As you can see she doesn't always get things she desires in her mouth - but she sure tries hard!
Still trying to get that tricky rattle in her mouth! Her expression says it all - "what is the problem here - why can't I get this in my mouth!"
We can hardly keep her still - she wiggles, squirms and rolls continually. If she isn't swaddled tightly she "fights" with her blanket until she is FREE!
"Hmmm . . . another thing to suck on! Yes, she sucks on her blankets all the time. I no longer keep busy washing them because of spit up but because of slobber :-)
Her coordination has come a long way this month - she now holds her hands together and grabs onto anything in her vicinity. She loves investigating faces - feeling and touching the face of anyone holding her. It is so cute to see her exploring her world.
She is still a mellow, happy baby (not counting her week of being sick). She takes good naps and sleeps pretty good at night (although she eats many times throughout). She seems to finally be eating good again after eliminating dairy from my diet. Thankfully, she now consistently eats for more than 5 minutes without crying, squirming, stiffening and refusing to eat more. Yeah!! But I do miss cheese . . . and ice cream . . . and yogurt and cottage cheese and butter . . . . Oops sorry, I will come out of dairyland and get back to the task at hand :-)
Look at her chubby little hands and arm - even a dimple in her elbow!
And a nice double chin to go with her dimpled elbow and rolly thighs! We love our chubby little girl!
I weighed her a week before she got sick and she was 12 1/2 lbs but now is only 12 lbs. She is making up for being sick and I am sure will gain that weight right back (and then some).
Her coordination isn't always perfect and she misses her hands every once in a while. It is pretty funny. She never gives up though :-) She has also started rolling this month. A couple days after Christmas she was playing on the floor and pretty soon was fussing. I went over to get her and she was on her belly. It took several days before I actually watched her roll. I kept trying to see it and tried to capture it on video but she would never do it for me. The minute I wasn't looking she would be on her belly. If I didn't know better I would have thought she was keeping me in the dark on purpose :-) Now she does it continually and even rolls back to her back again.
The little lounging beauty. Although she doesn't eat yet she does like to sit in her highchair and watch the happenings or play with her toys.
This blue - eyed beauty is one LOVED little girl. Loved by us and loved even more by God. What a lucky little girl she is!


Coriander said...

4 months! Always goes by too fast! I can hardly wait to see you all in person!! Also, good previous post. Love the G houses! They are amazing. Why am I know suprised? I'm sure the kids had a fantastic time!

Greta Marie said...

Precious little Audrey! Bittersweet to see her growing so quickly. It's so fun when they start learning so many things at once, but I just want to see her in her little baby stage longer! :) (Now I understand why my parents always wanted to stay little. Ha!)