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Friday, November 5, 2010

I NEED . . . . .

To kiss these cute little lips
To rub this fuzzy little head
To hold this sweet little hand
To gaze into these intense little eyes
What else do I NEED?
All this to care for the little cutie each night.
As I prepared to change the sheets the other day, this is what I found. It cracked me up so I had to take a picture. It is such a perfect representation of what is required to make it through the night with an infant:
1. A HUGE assortment of pacifiers - you know just in case you lose one in the night
2. A stack of burp rags - not just to contain the spit up Audrey loses but for all the milk I lose during each feeding
3. Vicks to spread on her clothes because she is continually stuffed up
4. A good Amish book to read when she is wide awake
5. A diaper for the inevitable half asleep diaper change
6. Pillow to prop up the little lady
7. Water for the ever parched throat
8. Lamp to turn on and annoy hubby who is trying to sleep in the midst of it all

By the way - this picture is not staged, it is truly what I had at the top of my bed (and have nightly except the million pacifiers - not sure why there were so many this particular night)


The Chapters In Our Life... said...

She is so precious! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture below with the green hat and blanket. Your mom should consider selling them :)!

Coriander said...

Very cute!Goodpics. I know what you mean about the nightly stocking up routine. So funny!

Greta Marie said...

I LOVED this post! Such a sweet girl and it's just so fun to see how much she is changing-truly before our eyes! Hilarious too, how you have your little area of supplies! :) Way to be prepared!

Karmen said...

Haha I can only hope I am as on top of things as you are when I'm a mom :)

bekahe said...

Love it! I am glad to be past that much nightly stacking:) I am down to just a water bottle per kid, woo hoo!