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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2 Months

Our little princess is growing so fast. Look how much she has changed!
Her cute little belly is growing bigger and bigger (as are her cheeks)
She has now sailed over the 10 lb mark!
She entertains us with her expressions (look how she and Hannah are staring at each other - so funny) and all her "talking". She carries on a "conversation" with anyone who will listen :-)
I LOVE watching the kids interact with Audrey. Watching them pour out there love on her is the sweetest thing! I always knew siblings were the greatest gift my parents gave to me but it is so fun to watch it and see it from another perspective.
She smiles so big her whole body gets involved! I am sure it won't be long before her voice joins in and she will be laughing like crazy.
Love Love Love . . . . I couldn't say it enough. We are so in love with her. I can't believe we wondered if our family was complete at 3 kids!!!! I am so glad that God knew otherwise!


Janelle said...

I do so love how they smile so big their whole body wriggles! I want to be that whole-hearted in what I do!!! :)

Karmen said...

So sweet! She's already changed so much, good thing I get to see her soon!

Coriander said...

These pictures are just too cute. She is adorable!!