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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fireside Bath

Nothing but the best for the little princess of the house :-) Bath time for Audrey is an exciting event for the kids. They all want to help and they stay busy oohing and ahhhing over her.This mornings bath was no exception.
Audrey loves her baths or maybe it is all the attention she loves :-)
Everyone wants to have a "job" at bath time. As you can see, Madison is taking her hair washing job very seriously.
Our smiling little girl is a LOVED little girl!
Hannah gets to help with washing Audrey's hair (under the watchful eye of Madison of course - I love how she has her hand right there ready to intervene if necessary)
Isaac keeps her warm with the "water pouring" job

Warm bath by the fire, many attendants to meet her every need, what more could a princess want


Karmen said...

Love it! So cute to see her all surrounded. I can vouch for the fact being the baby is pretty fun :)

bekahe said...

Super duper cutie! How lovely it is to have new babies for the siblings to ADORE!!

The Chapters In Our Life... said...

She really is loved :)! And look at her smile... Adorable!

Coriander said...

So very sweet!Great picture of them encircling her!

Greta Marie said...

So precious how they love her so much. Nice t-shirt, Madison, and I love that Isaac still wears his Bluewater necklace! :)