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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Days with Cousins

It was very nice to have Brock's sister Erika and her son Finn visiting last week. The kids had so much fun. They had lots of time to play and even a couple sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa's! We had decent weather (minus a few thunderstorms and a major hail storm) so they got to play outside alot.
Isaac "reading" to Finn and Hannah
One hot afternoon the kids cooled off in the sprinkler. Shortly after finishing a storm rolled in and we were all scrambling to get inside
Finn wasn't real interested in the sprinkler but he had fun on the "balance beam/teeter totter" they created
Hannah definitely spent the most time in the sprinkler. She LOVES water. She will be the little fish of the family.
An essential part of any hot day - Popsicles!!
Finn and Isaac having fun with the deck cushions. We have spent enough time chasing our cushions - we have now learned to get them all inside when the wind starts whipping :-)


Karmen said...

looks like fun time with family! :) I can't believe how grown up Madison is looking!

Erika said...

oh, I wish they could play like this more often.