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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

33 Weeks

We have had amazing weather for the past week and have been out enjoying it!! I couldn't resist having Madison take some "baby" pics for me today outside! I usually just set the self timer but Madison was around and I was happy to avoid all that running back and forth :-) Doesn't the field with all the hay baled look beautiful!!
Hannah talks all about the baby. She talks about "her" doing this and "her" doing that. I said, "Hannah, do you know that the baby might be a boy and not a girl?" She thought about that for a second then said, "But mom, I don't want a boy - I want a girl" Something tells me she won't care when the time comes :-)
I had my appointment with the midwife today and all was well. The baby has grown a lot and actually measured 1 week ahead (34 cm instead of 33 cm). He or she was moving like crazy (as usual) and made it hard to get the heartbeat recorded :-) Once she finally got it I forgot to ask what it was :-)

I LOVE to feel him/her move and will miss that when this pregnancy is over. He/she moves SO much that there is rarely a moment where I don't "feel" his/her presence. I love that!

We are getting very anxious to meet this little acrobat who keeps us entertained with all the crazy stuff he/she does :-)


The Chapters In Our Life... said...

Looking as beautiful as ever!

Karmen said...

Sounds like they're going to be quite active! Can't wait till he/she is born :) I really like your shirt!

Coriander said...

Great post. Love the outfit and the background! You look great!!