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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yeah SUN!!

The weather was awesome yesterday so I took the kids to a water play area nearby. They had so much fun and the cool water was so refreshing for all of us.
Hannah was hesitant at first but quickly started going through different sprinklers without hesitation
Before coming to the water park, Madison had a riding lesson. So, we were more than ready to cool down after baking in the sun for an hour - especially Madison.

Summer has been slow coming but after having a couple sunny days like this I am hopeful that it is here to stay :-)


Karmen said...

We've been having awesome weather too! minus the humidity. The pictures are cute and I love their rash guards/tops, I've been wanting one of those! and once again, your camera takes SUCH good pictures.

The Chapters In Our Life... said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the sun! I'm hoping to take Cayel to the local water park tomorrow afternoon too :).

I was thinking of you last friend and her family from Minnesota stayed at our place on their way through to Bozeman. Her sister is getting married out there this weekend. Wish I could have rode along with them and finally gotten to see you!

Coriander said...

LOVE these pics!!! Looks so fun! Thanks for posting them. Makes me want to head to a water park.

Greta Marie said...

SO cute! We went to the pool yesterday,too! Nice way to cool down! :)