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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slowing Down

Our summer has been busy already so it was nice to slow down for the day and enjoy a beautiful drive and easy hike last Saturday. We began our day at 5:30 am (which wasn't so fun after staying up late visiting with company) because we needed to pick Madison up at a church camp she was attending that was 2 hours away. We were thrilled to see her - we missed her TONS! She had a GREAT time and we are very proud of her for heading off alone to a place she had never been without knowing anyone. I am sure we struggled more than she did :-) It was hard to let her go and once we finally agreed she could we missed her constantly!
The camp in the background. It was very rustic and beautiful.
The drive to camp was BEAUTIFUL! It was so green and filled with animals. We saw elk (in pic below), antelope, deer and a fox. We were even caught in the middle of a cow herd being herded to another spot. They were going right down the road and just slowly walked around us :-) I forgot to grab my camera and take a picture.
Along the way we saw a beautiful spot that required exploration :-)
The path was high above the river which dropped underground for a while then burst out further down the path. It was so pretty.
There were no other hikers around so we went crazy taking pictures :-)
The hike went on one side of this canyon then back around the other. Once we walked to the opposite side we were able to see the water coming back out of the rocks (on the left of the pic) - it was really cool!
Had to get a picture of the baby - 30 weeks today!! Yippee 10 weeks left :-)
A really good view of the water resurfacing after being under ground (or rock) for quite some time. Brock took this picture and I thought it was a really cool one.
Taking pictures of Hannah is a challenge - these are the "smiles" she gives when we say "smile". We usually have to try make her laugh so we can actually get something natural.
My handsome guy who I love like crazy!! Still hard for both of us to believe we are here - living in a place of such beauty, happily married for 13 years, soon to be blessed with a 4th child and completely loved by the CREATOR of all things!! We are TRULY BLESSED!


Karmen said...

wow, that hike looks like it was so beautiful! I really need to come visit soon :)

Coriander said...

Wonderful post!! Love the pictures of the beautiful scenery and of you all! You look great. Cute shirt. I am jealous that you all can wear sweaters and pants. So much more you can do w/ maternity clothes. The camp did look amazing too!

Greta Marie said...

What a beautiful camp and beautiful hike! I am SO impressed with Madison--seems like a type of camp she would love. :) Very cool, too, that you guys ARE in Montana. I OFTEN wish you were closer, but know that God definitely has you there for a reason.... I know you enjoy it there, too. :)