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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Activities

The fun activities this winter have been skiing, sledding and ice skating. We found skates at the thrift store and a used sports store (YEAH) and they have been happily visiting the nearby pond. Both of them had only skated once before but picked it up like old pros :-) Hannah has an awesome sled that she loves to ride in and get swirled around on the ice (fun except when she gets dumped!)


Greta Marie said...

They picked up skating like pros because of living in northern Minnesota, of course! :) Looks like fun-taking advantage of the wintertime activities! I have yet to play in the snow this winter!

Karmen said...

looks like fun! Ice skating was my favorite sport, they should keep it up!

The Chapters In Our Life... said...

Adorable pictures!

Hey...have you looked at the Pioneer Woman's page today?!?!? Give away to a weekend at her ranch for sushi and wine :). She's picking 4 winners. If either of us win, we can take the other and finally have a weekend together to catch up :)? Head over...quick...ends tonight!